KidiVerse was born as a mission of two mothers who have struggled to find a suitable play area for their
children.  The idea is to provide children with an environment away from video games and
screen time. They wanted a place where their kids could have fun in a safe environment that is both
physically engaging and educational. Based on this idea, KidiVerse was born to give all the kids in
Orlando area and beyond a chance to come and have fun and giving moms a chance to relax while
watching the kids play and learn.



Our business philosophy is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for children. We
strongly believe in learning through play. Through our play areas, we will encourage discovery, physical
coordination and social emotional development.



Play, Learn and Grow!


Our mission is to establish a fun, safe and interactive indoor soft playground for children to stimulate their physical and mental development

Playground Rules


  • Socks are mandatory in the play area for parents and children at all times.

  • A waiver must be signed before entering the play area.

  • We are not responsible for loss, theft or damage to your personal property.

  • Parents/ guardian must be present at all times with their children.

  • No adult is permitted entry without a child.

  • No child is permitted entry without an adult.

  • All playground have inherent risk of injury.

  • Play at your own risk.

  • Outside food is not permitted.

  • We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave for unacceptable behavior.